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My top 10 favorites, by RedRusker! :3

RedRusker is the best! 😍👍

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itscrewiu & flyntcoalpi some fingering gals for the both of you and also an addition of mice as well. That first picture I saw first and fell in love with it. Just a great picture >.<

~Sabre ^~^

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A cool furry Chatroom.

A cool furry Chatroom!

Come vist! :3

- Ian

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Do you ever role play

Asked by brickhead99

I will occasionally roleplay (clean) with people who want to on Kik.

Kik: Simplicix



palmon - by Teil

I would love to lick a girls clit while she’d getting fucked. ;P

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YCH: want me? - by Tril-Mizzrim 


Tasty paws - by Iskra 



Last night at motorcity furcon I was given a drugged drink at 3:00 A.M in the smoking area out front. Watch out for maybe someone who looks like thing he could be at other Furcons and try the same shit.

White male

6 foot tall

Brown hair Open

blu Hawaiian shirt w/ black wife beater under

Fursona could be a yellow fox

Yellow harness

Please be careful and Don’t take drinks from anyone you don’t know

We also have reason to believe that the person responsible went and let the air out of my tires after I spread the word to be on the lookout for him on Twitter. We nearly had a blowout on the highway, so we’re stuck in Novi until the tire stores open.



Sea Salt for anon! Art by RedRusker, well mostly by RedRusker.
You’ve probably seen this art about a thousand times considering how many posts of Sea Salt people do.
Enjoy, my yiffers!:3

Sea salt is my idol!!!

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You guys still love shark girls?

Rows upon rows of razor sharp teeth. 

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