coover23 asked:

Ok if you could switch bodies with anybody in the world who would it be and why?

Hmmm…. It may sound weird to you but a robot or computer.

I could say a famous person for a good life, or a person I find attractive for sexual stuff but thinking of the bigger picture I’d want to become more than human, to become immortal.

Being a robot would be cool and more useful than just being a computer. :P

Probably not really the answer you were expecting or wanted but there is my answer.


Anonymous asked:

Do you agree when I say love is just a drug. It hurts when you can't get it and there's always side affects like paranoia and insomnia and depression but, the thing is it just feels so damn good and we keep going back for more and it hurts even more every time just looking for the best. But it's worth it.

Yeah. I’d say this is valid. If you want to think purely scientific, then yes. Love is just a chemical, a drug in the brain. It does hurt when you can’t find love but it can also hurt when you have it… Life is weird.





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